Surely, you’ll want your fur babies to be properly groomed at all times. However, you cannot just entrust their care and grooming to just about anyone. While some of them may claim that they have the certification need to handle the job, you simply can’t be too trusting.

The next time you take your pet to a groomer, check if he or she has been enrolled and certified by any of the following most popular pet grooming schools in the US.

American Grooming Academy


Located in Temecula, California, the American Grooming Academy tops the list of the most trusted schools for pet grooming in the entire United States. Educating and molding future leaders of pet care industry is their main goal, with a mission to provide career and training development for people who want to pursue a career as a pet care professional.

In addition, current professionals who want to advance their career further can also take advantage of continual education at American Grooming Academy for refining the skills and expertise they have. The school takes pride in offering something that only a few schools can provide, such as instructors with corporate management and private sector experience in the grooming salon, animal behavior and mobile grooming business.

O.C. Academy of Pet Styling


Fullerton, California’s O.C. Academy of Pet Styling makes sure that students will be equipped with a solid foundation when it comes to skills on styling in order to deliver utmost customer satisfaction, allowing them to lead

successful career in the field of pet styling. With the help of the school, students get to learn the essential skills for the job for them to know the fundamentals where they can base their careers.

Upon graduation, students will be prepared to enter the job market to serve as pet stylists in veterinary clinics, grooming salons, pet resorts, mobile grooming, humane societies, kennels, rescue shelters or better yet, their own business.

Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy


With Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy, everyone can expect for a one of a kind career training through high skill levels and knowledge to be an expert pet stylist in a career that is guaranteed safe from recession. As a part of the Rios Pet Spa & Boarding Salon, students have the chance to gain experience and train in a real life working environment. The primary mission of the school is to gear up students with a good foundation on bathing and styling skills as well as customer satisfaction which will let them join the job market either as pet bather or pet stylist.

Under One Woof Groomer Training Program


The last but not the least in this list of the most popular US pet grooming schools is none other than Under One Woof Groomer Training Program. There is a high demand for pet groomers and this Northern Californian program is exactly what is needed. This special program aims to help students learn and acquire the necessary skills for landing a good paying job when it comes to grooming cats and dogs alike.