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Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Wake Up their Owners

Having a dog means that you have a loyal friend, a family member, and a to-die-for pet. Who has cried over Marley in Marley and Me? You know cats are great, but there is nothing more breathtaking than puppies wagging their tails when they see, or when they run barking when they know that you are coming and they smell your odour. Having a dog gives you the feeling that there is someone there waiting for you, and will do anything for your sake. However, it is needless to say that having a dog as a pet demands a huge amount of responsibility and care; you have to know what they need and the reasons for their unusual actions that you have been pondering over. So, how many times have you heard your dog barking and you had no idea why he is barking. Here are some dog owners on narrates their incidents with their dogs waking them up for, apparently, different reasons and grounds.

1. To alert you, probably!
Michael Bordash says that his dogs stay in a separate den. During the night, Bordash’s dogs stay in their den while keeping an ear to whatever is happening around them. Bordash says that he lives in the middle of the woods in CT, so he may find foxes, wild turkeys, owls and racoons sneaking into his yard. Of course, whenever the dogs detect or smell odour related to the animals above mentioned, they bark and wake Mr Bordash and his family up. Moreover, Chris Gabel, veterinarian and pet owner, says that his dog was not allowed to go upstairs, yet he found his dog barking and hurling upstairs to alarm them that there is a burning pan in the kitchen as he saw smoke coming out of it. Dogs as pets love and cherish their owners as they care about their owners’ safety.

2. Sense of Time
Teodora Motateanu states that dogs are creatures of habit; “have their own sense of time and they expect things to happen as they always happen.” In other words, if something they are accustomed to happen, they try to fix it so everything can come back to normal. Apparently, if you wake up at 7 a.m to go to work; however, you want to sleep more hours at the weekends, your dog will not grasp such a fact and they will certainly wake you up in time.

3. Dogs are like children: They wake you up when they need you
Sabine Ehlers, sheepdog trainer, says that dogs are like children. Some children wake their parents up because they want to go to the toilet or because they want to eat. Actually, she notes that puppies are like children. Likewise, big dogs are like adults. Rarely do they wake their owners up; however, they show respect and may wait till the owner wakes up. Furthermore, Anuj Prateek says that he has Rottweiler, it is a big teddy bear. The dog is somehow lazy and rarely moves or runs around. However, there were times when he woke his family members; he usually wants to go potty.


4. They do not feel well
Once again, Anuj Prateek says that his Rottweiler once got ear yeast and it was scratching so he was in pain.
It is heartbreaking to find a dog hurting, and you know they cannot express or complain so they only way they have got is to bark and call their owners as they may help them.

Finally, these are some of the reasons and explanations for the incident of dogs barking and waking their owners up. You, as a pet owner, should know they reason why your dog feels uncomfortable during the night. Of course, you can see no apparent reason for barking during midnight, then you should take them to the vet as they may have anther underlying reason.

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