There are many charities all over the United States that are specifically catered to dogs to address their needs and issues. If you plan to start any charity activity any time soon, here are the top 6 dogs charities in the US .

Friends of Animals


Founded in 1957, Friends of Animals’ mission to cultivate and promote a respective view of nonhuman animals, domestic, free and free-living animals from institutionalized exploitation and cruelty all over the world. As a nationwide organization, they advocate animal rights problems all over the US.

FurKid Rescue


This is a small and private home-based rescue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wherein they rescue and work with other local shelters and rescue groups for more than 5 years.

Dogs Trust


Dogs Trust hopes that a day will come when all dogs will be able to enjoy and lead a happy life, with a freedom from the threats of unwanted destructions.

Helping Out Pets Everyday or HOPE


Established with a desire to save lives, HOPE is an advocate of both canine and feline animals in which they want to be the caretakers of creatures of God, stewards to the youth through leadership and example and leadership, entrusted with education the public regarding neutering and spaying.

Animal Rescue Foundation or ARF


ARF wants to create in which all dogs and cats have a loving home, with every lonely person having an animal companion and where kids learn how to care for their furry friends.

Best Friends Animal Society


Finally, Best Friends Animal Society wants to end shelter killing to save all animals. Their goal is to end shelter killing and find a good home for all abandoned animals all over America.