Top 12 Biggest Dog Breeds In The World

Some owners in recent years prefer smaller dog breeds for city living, but the largest dog breeds used in guarding, hunting and used also as loyal companions. there are 12 biggest dog breeds in the world:

1-English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is considered the largest dog breed in the world, weighing about 68-110 kg, and its height  measured about 27-33 inches. an old English mastiff called Zorba was considered the heaviest and the longest dog in the world in the Guinness book, having a square head, black nose, black mask, and a ”V-shaped ears, been used as guard dogs and used to attack the intruders if needed. Life span 7 years.

2-Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the biggest dog breeds, used by the Romans as war dogs, weighing about 54.4 to 90.4 kg, its height measured 26 to 30 inches, having a wide flat head, large nose, having also short grey, brown or black coat. they are so intelligent dogs, being suitable for dominant masters for training, being trained well made him a good pet. Life span 8 years.

3-Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound is considered the tallest member of a sigh thousands breed, weighting 53 to 84 kg, its height  measured 28-35 inches, being used in wars and hunting, having a long and muzzle, head, long and strong legs that make him run quickly while hunting a prey, having also a wise and deep chest, being so intelligent, patient and love his family. although, the Irish Wolfhound is not so aggressive, his great size could be a threat to intruders. Life span 6-10 years.

4-Great Dane

Great Dane is considered one of the highest dog breeds, measured as 3 feet or more, weighing about 50 to 90kg .In the Guinness book of world, a great Dane called Zeus is considered the tallest dog in the world, its height measured 44 inches. these dogs are used as hunting dogs, showing quick growth unlike the other breeds, being so gentle and love their family, being excellent watch dogs, being a loyal friend to the children, being aggressive if the situation demands that. Life span 6-8 years.

5-Caucasian Shepherd dog

A Caucasian shepherd dog is considered the most brutal Russian dog breed, having a powerful and muscular body, oval dark eyes, round shaped ears and a long tail, being a watchdog, being so aggressive towards strangers, weighing about 45-50 kg,its height measured 27-30 inches. Having a heavy coat that needs daily brushing. although he is very loyal to his owner, he will become so aggressive if he isn’t trained well. Life span 10-11 years.

6- St. Bernard

St. Bernard is considered one of the biggest dog breed, weighting about 64-91 kg, its height measured 27-35 inches, having a strong body, so he can travel through deep snow for miles. if st. Bernard isn’t trained well, it will be so aggressive, so there must be a daily exercise for him to be in a good health, and to avoid his aggression. Life span 8-10 years.


Newfoundland is considered one of the biggest dog breeds, weighting about 60-70 kg, its height measured 30 inches, being stronger than other breeds as English Mastiffs, having huge head and strong neck, having also a very deep chest and long thighs. Newfoundland has a black thick coat that should be brushed every day. this dog is so suitable for children as he is very calm and easy to train. Life span 8-10 years.


The Leonberger is one of the biggest dog breeds that named after the German city”Leonberger”, having the appearance of a lion, having strong muscles, weighting about 45-77 kg, its height measured 26-32 inches, having medium sized ears and a long nose, having a long coat that comes in many colors as yellow, red, cream and brown. this dog is so calm and patient, so he is suitable for children. Life span 8-9 years.

9-Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian shepherd is one of the biggest dog breeds that belonged to turkey, known for its patience, being used to protect the livestock, weighting up to 68 kg, its height measured about 26-31 inches having large and round shaped head, having a thick and powerful neck, being so smart and loyal, but very suspicious of strangers. Life span 13-15 years.

10-Dogue de Bordeaux-french mastiff

French Mastiff is known with its huge head and muscular body, weighing about 62 kg,its height  measured about 20-23 inches, having a heavy head, small eyes, and a short hanging ear. french mastiff is known with its loyalty, being gentle with children and other pets. If french mastiff is trained well, it will be an excellent watchdog. Life span 5-8 years.

11-Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is one of the largest dog breeds, males are weighting about 40:50 kg, its height measured about 30 to 32 inches, while females are weighing 35 to 43 kg, and measured about 70 is one of the tallest dogs, having brindle, yellow, and red fawn coats, having a long head, having dark or brown eyes, having a curved tail covered with hair that reach the ground. Life span 8-9 years.

12- Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is known with its beautiful nature, being watchdogs, used to protect livestock, being so gentle, and loyal to their owners, weighting about 52-59 kg, its height measured about 30-39 inches, having a very broad chest and wedge-shaped head, having a long tail, having a dense undercoat, having a thick and long upper coat. this dog has a great sense of hearing, being so playful with children. Life span 10-12 years.

Giant Dogs require grooming rather than home brushing, exercising every day, so we should double the time with them in training. before owning a giant dog, you should know the cost factor used in bringing it up, including food, drink, vet bills etc.

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