The world is full of animals but nothing can definitely beat the cuteness overload of the following animals that are considered as some of the cutest you can ever find.

Philippine Tarsier


Tarsiers measure around 85 to 160mm in height which makes them among the smallest primates in the planet. With their big bulging eyes and small body, who would be able to resist these cute creatures?

Fennec Foxes


Fennec foxes are tiny nocturnal fox living in the Sahara Desert, North Africa. Their ears are unusually long which help dissipate heat. The moment you see them, you will surely understand why they are included in this list in the first place.

Harp Seal


Harp seals are natives of Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. They mostly have white body and beautiful black eyes. On average, an adult harp seal is around 2 meters long. They are typically born with yellow coat at birth which transforms into white later on. They are great fish hunters.

African Pygmy Hedgehog


The family Erinaceidae’s most adorable members, African pygmy hedgehog are cute even if they are filled with equally cute critters. For sure, you have seen one of them in the past or you have an idea how they look like. These mammals are somewhat rodent-like with lots of tiny spines on their back.

Angora Rabbit


One look at Angora rabbits and you would think that they are nothing but giant fluffy balls. But yes, they are rabbits, bred particularly for their fluffiness. These rabbits are so cute you could hold them on all day long if you want.



These cute and friendly little mammals are part of the Macropod family. They are herbivores that hunt at night. They seem to be smiling all the time that’s why they are known as the world’s happiest animal. Now, wouldn’t you find that cute?



Koalas are adorable, period. They live in Australia and are distinct due to their large head comparatively to their neck and body. The length of a koala is around 70 to 90cm, with a weight of 15 kg. Eucalyptus is their favorite food also they love eating other types of plants.

Sea Otter


Sea otters are marine mammals native to the coasts of eastern and northern North Pacific Ocean. While they are known as the heaviest members of weasel family, they happen to be the smallest of marine mammals. Unlike many marine mammals, the main form of insulation of sea otter is a unique thick fur coat, the densest in the entire animal kingdom. Even though they can walk on land, sea otters mostly live in the ocean.

Giant Panda


No one will surely contradict this entry here because giant pandas, despite their big size, are just as adorably cute as the small cute animals. You can recognize pandas right away with their black and white color and remarkably cute ears.

Baby Elephants


Elephant may be large but the baby ones are too cute to resist. They deserve to be included in this list because seeing them walking on those short legs of theirs will make you swoon with love.