Top 10 Expensive Pets that will Make your Jaw Drops

Having a pet is a burden, or more like an amazing burden that teaches you how to be responsible for a creature’s life. Pets’ lives and animals’ lives, in general, are worth a lot. Ranging from insects and mice to giraffes and lions, the circles of pets is expanding and getting more broad than ever. That’s why new lists are being created to encompass are the new expensive pets that come into the picture now.

1- Green Monkey [$16,000,000]
Undoubtedly, the most expensive animal in the world is called Green Monkey. However, you think it is an actual monkey, don’t you! Okay, brace yourself to be surprised! It is not a monkey. Nonetheless, it is a thoroughbred American racehorse. When the horse was two years old, Demi O’Byrne purchased Green Monkey at the Calder Race Course in 2008, at $16,000,000. Interestingly, Green Monkey is a descendant of Kentucky Derby champions, which is a clear-cut reason for being high-priced. When Green Monkey raced for the first time, he ran an eighth of a mile in less than 9.8 seconds, which is jaw-droppingly rapid, according to CNBC. Sadly, Green Monkey picked up an injury and could not reach such speed again. Nevertheless, Green Monkey will remain in an appealing position as the most expensive pet in the world.

2- Miss Missy [$1, 200, 000]
Say hello to Miss Missy! Miss Missy is a living cow that can definitely bring you millions. Miss Missy is a white cow descendant from Holstein Cow. Interestingly, Miss Missy was the best cow at the Western Fall National Show, crowned as North America’s Grand Champion. This show is one of the most prominent animal shows in the word. Hence, it brought Miss Missy fame and popularity. When she won the competition, people hurled after her, seeking to buy her. You may think that the cow is not worth all these money. However, her owner who offered $1,200,000 knew what he was doing as Miss Missy produces 50% more milk than other average cows. It is no surprise that such a cow can get all these money.

3- Tibetan Mastiff [$582,000]
Have you have seen expensive dogs breeds other than the German Shepherds? Have your ever seen a lion-like dog- in appearance, of course? So, here is the Tibetan Mastiff. These beloveds are usually sold, if found as they are pretty thin on the ground, at a whopping price 1.5 million in 2011. When it comes to size, the Tibetan Mastiffs have no competitors; stand more than 32 inches tall, with a weight of over 150 lbs. They also come in various colors: black, brown, red and grey. Surprisingly, white Tibetan Mastiff also exists, but they are pretty scarce. What makes Tibetan Mastiff special is the fact that they are perfect safeguard their flock. Moreover, they do not give off the unpleasant odour that usually emanates from dogs.

4- Sir Lancelot Encore [$155,000]
Sir Lancelot’s death was devastating for the couple Nina and Edgar; it left them with a lump in their in their throat. The loss was too hard to bear, so the couple went willingly to have their beloved late Labrador cloned, spending up to $155,000. The attempts have proved to be fruitful as Sir Lancelot Encore came to life. Took the world by surprise, Lancy, the world’s first clone of a dog, fathers a couple of puppies of his own.

5- White Lion Cubs [$138,000-$140,000]
This breed of lions was first seen in 1938 and they were marked as scarce at that time. The white colored lions have never been seen before among the lions of the Timbavati area.
It is noted that the recessive genes in both the parents are at the helm of the authentic and unpreceded white color of the cubs. Noticeably, the white lions are pretty thin on the ground, but they are not defined as species by themselves. It comes to our surprise that there are only 300 living white lions in the world, according to The Global White Lion Protection Trust. Here comes your question: can I have a white lion as a pet? Of course, if you had $138,000 and they were still little cubs, the process of petting them would be a side-splitting experience.

6- Arabian Horses [$100,000]
The Arabian horse is a breed by itself. Considered as one of the most genuine horses with pristine genes, this horse is marked with a perfect athletic body, high tail, chiselled neck, and a curved back that makes him definitely outshines other breeds. Regardless of the vigorous structure, Arabian horses are graced with speed and persistence. Such qualities have qualified Arabian horses to refine other horse breeds. Its estimated worth is up to $100,000 and even higher.

7- Stag Beetle – $89,000
A person can but an interesting figure through keeping an unusual pet as a stag beetle. What would make a beetle expensive? Stag beetles are rare species of beetles with a lifespan of 7 years. What would make the idea of owning it peculiar? People usually pet puppies, cats, sheep and hamsters, it is not common to host an insect in your house, however. Stag beetles outshine among other species due to the fact that they have red blood mandibles and protruding antlers hanging on their black heads. The average length of stag beetles measures from 2 to 3 inches. Interesting, isn’t it? The Japanese breeder was willing to put his beetle on sale for $89,000.

8- Chimpanzee – $60,000-$65,000
Having a chimpanzee as a pet is not something unpreceded, but it is definitely outré. Petting chimps date back to centuries as chimps, more or less, have a connection with human beings and they are pretty intelligent. What makes chimps special is the fact they have an estimated lifespan of 60 years. If you are willing to pet one, you will have to get an exotic animal permit and licence, which may cost $60,000. Believe it or not, but chimpanzees are prone to speak in the present; it is not impossible to encourage a chimp to speak, but it is not easy, either!

9- Savannah Cats [$22,000,000]
If you think a savannah cat is, more or less, like the regular domestic cats, you are mistaken! They are not domestic cats, they have some of the domestic cats’ genes, however. Interestingly, savannah cats’ existence is the output of the successful breeding between domestic cats and servals, wild cats that originally comes from the south of the Sahara Desert. A Domestic cat and a serval mated once so they reproduced such an extraordinary breed, it is unusual for they to mate, though. Thus, creating savannah cats is probably not on the record all the time. It is essential to say that the serval genes are the domineering ones over the domestic cats’ genes. What makes Savannah cats in demand is the fact that they are intelligent and have good social merits.

10- Capuchin Monkeys – $10,000
Capuchin Monkeys are primarily named after the Capuchin Monks who wore robes to keep their faces out of sight. Noticeably, the Capuchin monkeys are as cute as a button, and have been promoted as pets in Hollywoodian movies; it can be seen in the show Friends, and in the Jim Carrey movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Interestingly, Capuchin Monkeys are great assists to the handicaps, they have to be kept in charge, however. Despite the fact that Capuchin Monkeys are dream pets as they have the potentials to live for fifty years, the owners have to keep them under control as they are pretty troublesome.

Finally, owing pets teaches you to be responsible and conveys great messages; however, molesting or vexing animals, by any means or for any reason, is, more or less, unacceptable. So, the article lists the most expensive animals worldwide without treating as commodities or lowering their values by any means.

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