Are you the type of person who drools over new technology and the latest gadgets more than anything else? Then you’re left behind if you haven’t yet explored all the areas of and tricks using an Apple pencil. This device is convenient and can work with almost all Apple devices. However, its working isn’t restricted to touching different icons to walk through the device and make typical commands. It’s a device that has much more potential, not just for the professional feels and looks. Make sure first to choose a version of the pencil that supports your Apple device and get started on a fulfilled journey of getting the most out of it for your experience:

1 Eluvuate Charging

The apple pencil is just like any digital device that is battery-powered by charging. Hence, make sure it is fully charged to help for trips and use at basically all times. If you don’t know how to check Apple pencil battery, all you have to do is go over to the Today view on your iPad and hover over the battery life displaying both the device and pencil battery. If there are other problems relating to the pencil’s charging, validate to check thorough guides not to create more problems and stay prepared.

The Top 4 Tricks for Using an Apple Pencil charging apple pencil | Technology

2 Use Supporting Apps

Third-party apps are always a great option to start the party and use software or device to its fullest. You can enjoy the Apple pencil with added options with the presence of supporting apps. For whatever reason you want to use the pencil, including sketching, writing notes, or simply hovering over the options, you can tune it up with the help of an app. Several apps support the working of an Apple pencil; some of them can be Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Pixelmator, Evernote, GoodNotes, and so on. For this reason, make sure you have the right app to aid the purpose and make it simpler.

The Top 4 Tricks for Using an Apple Pencil using apple pencil | Technology

3 Trace Perfect Drawings

The best task that an Apple pencil can be used for is drawing the perfect sketches and handwriting your notes to people. These can be done quickly with the help of the device, even if your palm touches the device the whole time. The Apple devices reject the palm pressure and don’t make anything happen with the appearance. Hence, you can easily put a paper on the iPad and sketch drawing on it without worrying about the imprints.

The Top 4 Tricks for Using an Apple Pencil writing with apple pencil | Technology

4 Work on the Lock Screen

Sometimes the pencil comes with a default feature that helps you take notes on the lock screen itself without having to open up the lock. This is a useful feature for several people, including students, working professionals, and so on. You can save time with this trick and never forget anything important you hear. This feature can be disabled or abled by going over the Setting app and select Notes from there. This feature may not be valuable for all people and cause damage for some, so make sure to disable it as soon as possible to save yourself.

The Top 4 Tricks for Using an Apple Pencil apple pencil Work on the Lock Screen | Technology