4 Types of Visas You Should Know When Planning to Travel or Stay in a Foreign Country

If you are planning to travel, you have probably heard of a travel visa. I know. The last thing you want to think about when you are so eager to head out of your home country for the first time is government regulations. However, you cannot evade the travel requirements. Having a visa is one sure way to make your travel and stay in another country as seamless as possible. Visa requirements differ from country to country, so you need to be well-read. What are the types of visas you can use to travel abroad? Let us look at four of them below.

1 Student visa

If you are planning to travel and study in another country, you would need a student visa. Australia, for example, is a country rich in world-class universities, vocational colleges, and exceptional English language—the reason why many people consider studying there. If you are planning to study English, Vocational, and University courses in Australia, you can apply for a student visa at Go Study Australia and enjoy an extended stay in Australia. Not only will you receive guidance through the complex process of obtaining a visa, but you will also be guided on the best colleges and universities to study based on your needs.

2 Work Visa

Sometimes, foreign countries have the greener pastures you need to grow your career.  You may find it easier to find work abroad faster than you can in your home country—opportunities are different in various places. Maybe you are getting a permanent or temporary transfer to go and work in another country. In all these cases, you need a work visa. Work visas are the most difficult to obtain because governments want economic growth to come from their citizens.

3 Tourist or visitor visa

For those of you who would love to travel to another country to visit a relative, or for fun and adventure, you will need a tourist visa. Your current citizenship determines where you will travel. Check travel requirements for your country to a specific country. For US citizens, you may not need much up-front work to travel to 174 of the total 196 countries.

4 Immigration visa

If you want to reside permanently in a foreign country, then you need an immigration visa. I am sure you have heard of the Green Card, which is a type of immigration visa. Immigration visas do not grant citizenship. They allow you to work and live in a country and is a pathway to obtaining citizenship. You can obtain an immigration visa through a lottery, family, employment, investment, refugee or asylum status, the registry, and director of the CIA.

All the above visas apply to every country, but the requirements can vary from country to another. Remember that your travel may need to be approved by another government, so you should review the visa information for your destination before you travel.

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  1. I’ve seen that for a student visa it’s important to prepare & know more information about the place.

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