Once something becomes a trend, it is very hard for it to leave or go out of fashion. Fads are short-lived and people tend to get over those statements very quickly but the THC and CBD trend looks like they are here to stay. So what are these things and why do I care? THC and CBD products have helped millions of people who struggle with nervousness, anxiety (social or generalized anxiety disorders), and it can act as a muscle relaxant. Some people consume THC and CBD by smoking flowers or buds, eating THC edibles, or using topical oils that help them alleviate pressure in a specific area of their body, view more to get authentic information.

Both products have very similar purposes but they produce different effects on the body. We will go over the main difference between both of these products and you can decide which one would best fit your lifestyle. Before we start in-depth explaining about CBD and THC, you should know that both derive from the hemp plant. Hemp is the typical green leafy plant that you associate with marijuana or cannabis. Hemp is the same as the cannabis Sativa plant, but it is refined or altered as an industrial material that is used to create paper, shoes, clothing, and other types of materials used in our daily life. Now that we went through some of the basics, let’s go over what is CBD.

About CBD

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the compounds found inside hemp; it helps reduce inflammation, pain, and suppresses anxiety. CBD is not considered a psychoactive substance and it can be a good replacement for people who are using pharmaceutical prescriptions dealing with anxiety or depression.

Just like any product currently on the market, there is always a risk when taking it. Taking more than the recommended dosage for any substance can be very harmful to your organs and can cause negative long-term effects and this applies to CBD as well. Some of the side effects of CBD are dry mouth, reduced appetite, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. These side effects are not very dire and if you do not exceed the recommended amount, the possibility of these side effects to occur is very minimal.

On a molecular level, the two primary compounds called CB1 and CB2 receptors that are acting within the body. When scientists began analyzing CBD, they discovered that these compounds influence an important neurotransmitter system called the endocannabinoid system. This can influence our mood, energy level, immune activity, blood pressure, and many multipurpose systems within our body. Now let’s begin talking about THC.

Things You Need to Know about THC and CBD CBD oil | General THC and CBD

What is THC?

THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary component in the cannabis or better known as marijuana. THC is the reason why people get “high” and it is psychoactive meaning that you may experience some light hallucinations and may alter your current moods and thoughts. THC is responsible for causing sensory effects to the brain including euphoria, alertness, calmness, and some lightheadedness.

Smoking THC is the most effective and fastest way to feel the effects of THC within the body. The THC stimulates the brain cells which release dopamine which is the chemical for pleasure. The reason that smoking is the fastest way to experience THC is that the THC gets released into your bloodstream quicker allowing your body to circulate THC faster as opposed to eating which uses the digestive system. It is still unknown why someone is more susceptible to the negative effects of cannabis compared to another and the side effects can be very broad.

Things You Need to Know about THC and CBD marijuana | General THC and CBD

Some side effects of THC: THC has been known to alter the functioning of the hippocampus in the brain which is in charge of forming new memories and focus.

Cannabis is still illegal under federal law but in certain states, it is regulated and considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance. States like California, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington have legalized the use of recreational cannabis. Cannabis is now legal in Canada and it has proven that legalizing cannabis can help stimulate the economy and people can be trusted with cannabis to use it responsibly.

Things You Need to Know about THC and CBD marijuana 1 | General THC and CBD

The difference between CBD and THC

The difference between CBD and THC when using those products is the level of THC in CBD. Just to not get confused, CBD products do contain a level of THC but it is so low that you will not experience the same effects as using cannabis. According to the Farm Bill passed in 2018 by President Trump, it says that it is legal to grow hemp for industrial or recreational purposes as long as it contains less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis of THC. Anything above that margin is considered cannabis and is illegal at the federal level.

Things You Need to Know about THC and CBD CBD and THC | General THC and CBD

Ways to consume THC or CBD

There are many ways to consume THC or CBD. The most common way is to smoke CBD or THC flower (bud) but another common way is to use capsules and oils. The best CBD capsules by CBD genesis can be found on any trusted website that sells CBD products and THC products can be found at your local cannabis location or online. CBD and THC oils are very effective for vaping and by smoking these products because it is going through the cardiovascular system, it gives you the quickest effect compared to edibles.

Things You Need to Know about THC and CBD CBD oil CBD capsules | General THC and CBD