When Time Stops : Amazing Photos of Water Droplets Using High-speed Photography!!

It occurs many times a day, but its movements are too quickly to be noticed :

Can you Imagine that: this charming photo which may appear to be from another world is, in fact a drop of water!!
The owner of this fantastic photo is the German artist Marcus Regelz who take up the high-speed photography that depends on setting the camera to capture images very quickly and at a specific moment to freeze it!

Marcus mix water with food colors (color Flavors that are added to food) to give the mix that amazing colors, and then manipulate the lighting over the water drops to give it that dazzling results as we see in the pictures!
Imagine that all those pictures directly from the camera, without any manipulation in color or any amendment by computer!!

Marcus Uses a special sensor to time the image capturing moment on camera, because that movement occurs at very high speeds to can realize, in order to capture that high-speed moment, Marcus uses speed shutter up to a part of 16,000 in second, ie, that the camera captures the scene in 1/16,000 of a second !!

Marcus excelled in forming drops of water in shapes never seen before, using spoons and dishes to give these amazing formations, Marcus told that ” all he needs is patience and experience to get out of traditional shapes.

This is a group of his works, and remember that: what you are seeing is real photos of drops of colored water without using any computer manipulation !!

Can you Imagine that,  all this art formations resulting from the collision of water drops!!

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