Top 10 Strangest Places on Earth (various photos)

We often feel with astonishment when we see the photos exhibited by NASA for other planets as MARS, VENUS and MERCURY but actually, we do not have to travel to these planets to see such scenes because there are more strange scenes on earth


Does not think that photos are of another planet or for an ancient geological age but it’s a recent shot for SOCOTRA ISLAND, it is located 350 KM southern the Arabian peninsula in the Indian ocean the scientists think that it was separated from INDIA six or seven years ago

This island contains more than 7 hundred species of different animals and plants!

The brother`s blood Tree which do not exist in any other place Except this place

2. Salar De Uyuni – BOLIVIA

If you went to this charming place you may feel that you are dreaming as it contains the biggest salty desert on the Earth and what makes it more charming the water layer above it which give a magical reflection

3. Kliluk, the Spotted Lake – CANADA

By the rising temperature of the sun the sea water begun to evaporate to leave a group of circles behind which shows the lake minerals in a majestic gradient as it contains the highest level of MAGNESIUM, PHOSPHATE, SULFUR AND CALCIUM to become one of the oldest health spas in the world used by red Indians to cure the long termed diseases it was mentioned in their legends that two tribes during the war made a treaty to take injured soldiers to it


In this place you feel that you are on another planet:

Under the ice layer there is very salty water and unknown creatures studied by most of the researchers around the world:


When you see this you may think that you are in the red planet MARS but we still here on earth on RIO TINTO SPAIN which is filled with mines swallows the whole area the name of the area is after RIO TINTO river with its
red water and minerals

6. Blood Pond Hot Spring – JAPAN

By seeing this Pictures, you will feel that you entered a horror movie when the vampires control everything But it is just the hot blood pool fountain in Japan that became red because of the minerals in it

7. The Richat Structure – Mauritania 

It is one of the nature`s wonders that scientists cannot identify the main reason for its shape, it is a giant forest reaches 30 miles diameter that you can only see it from the outer space until the time being they cannot solve the riddles of this place


It means the moon valley and it is rock formations are curved by water which located in SERATO forests BRAZIL its stones are made of quark stones that considered as one of the most ancient formations in the planet


Shilin forests which means stone forest in China is one of the fascinating wonders which made of limestone curved by water through different geological ages to produce this majestic place

10. Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves – AUSTRIA

The ice caves are somehow different from the other caves it gives you strange feeling that you have left the earth and traveled to PLUTO

There are many caves, but this one is the biggest it is 40 KM

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